Loose fill asbestos insulation – from removal to renewal

Most of the Canberra properties affected by loose fill asbestos insulation (also called Mr Fluffy) have progressed from removal to renewal. Together with the Canberra community, we are realising the ACT Government’s goal of eliminating Mr Fluffy from Canberra suburbs.

The Loose Fill Asbestos Coordination team continues to support homeowners, tenants and neighbours affected by loose fill asbestos insulation.

Loose Fill Asbestos Insulation Eradication Scheme

The scheme is designed to eradicate ongoing exposure risks from the continuing presence of loose fill asbestos insulation in Canberra homes through assistance, buyback, demolition and sales.


More announcements
1 May 2024

Mr Fluffy: Our Voices Exhibition

The Mr Fluffy: Our Voices exhibition at CMAG featured a video of personal accounts by Canberra residents impacted by the events surrounding 'Mr Fluffy' loose fill asbestos insulation. The legacy was also told through imagery, artworks, retrieved objects, background information and text stories. You can now visit the exhibition online.

22 November 2023

Place of Reflection for ‘Mr Fluffy’ legacy opens at the National Arboretum

A new forest shelter has opened at the National Arboretum as a place of reflection to remember the impact of ‘Mr Fluffy’ loose fill asbestos insultation in the ACT.

29 June 2023

New asbestos safety notice

From 1 July 2023, when a house is sold, renovated or leased, the new owners or lessees will be given an updated asbestos advice notice (678.6 KB) letting them know that asbestos may be present in houses built before 1990.

Asbestos awareness and safety icon
Health and safety issues associated with asbestos is regulated by law. Know more about asbestos and how to identify an affected property.
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Some Canberra homes were historically fitted with loose fill asbestos insulation. These properties must be clearly identified.
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A range of resources are available to support homeowners, tenants, tradespeople and members of the community to manage their connection with properties affected by loose fill asbestos insulation.

Concerned about asbestos?

If you think a property may contain loose fill asbestos insulation, or another type of asbestos, arrange and assessment.


Access practical, personal, financial and health support including services within the Canberra community.

Homeowner and occupier responsibilities

When managing residential properties affected by loose fill asbestos insulation, there are certain obligations for homeowners and occupiers under ACT law.